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Trekking, Hiking and Canyoning in Oman
Oman is a real paradise for adventurers!

   The  country' diverse natural landscape ranging from mountains, gorges and wadis to coastlines, plantations and plateaux, makes it an excellent destination for experiencing the great outdoors.
Hiking in Oman is adventurous, with a variety of levels of difficulty, from paths used by goats and donkeys to more established routes, providing a few hours' stroll or a couple of days of epic trekking. The mountains never dissapoint and the further off the beaten track you get, the more likely you are to find interesting villages, where people still live in much the same way as they always have.
   The principal mountain range in Northern Oman is known as Al Hajar. It rises abruptly out of the calm waters of Strait of Hormuz and stretches for more than 600km in south-easterly direction, following the long crescent of Omna's coastline.
   The range splits into Northern, Eastern and Western Hajars, and boasts many peaks in excess of 2000m. The highest peak of Jebel Shams is just over 3000m and it is in the Western Hajars. The spectacular "Grand Canyon" is also in this area and an energetic walk around the rim of the canyon offers breathtaking views.
   The Dhofar Mountains, which are near Salalah in southern Oman, average 800 to 900m and reach its  maximum height of 2100m at Jebel Samhan. The range is topped by rolling plateaux and punctuated by deep wadis.

We are at VS Private Tours pleased to offer you trekking and hiking trips according to your fitness level. Please contact us for a day tour or multidays hiking roundtrips around Oman.
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