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10 things to rememberÖ

1. Many foreign nationals can obtain visas for a small fee on entry to Seeb International Airport in Muscat or at any border crossing. Check requirements before you travel.

2. Conservative dress is a must for women outside of hotel resort areas. Men will blend in better if they wear long pants rather than shorts.

3. Be sensitive to local customs. In general, local men and women (particularly in rural areas) do not mix socially. If you are a mix group (men & women), you may be asked to use the family areas of restaurants. Alcohol cannot be purchased over the counter without the residentís permit. However, it is available in some hotels and restaurants.

4. Due to the topography, climatic conditions in Oman vary widely - from searing heat in June and July in Muscat and desert areas, to persistent daily drizzle during the Khareef season in Salalah and more temperate conditions in the mountains year round. Dress for the weather, carry plenty of water, use suntan lotion and wear a hut. Try and avoid going out during the hottest part of the day (11am to 4pm).

5. By and large, main road are well maintained and routes are signed in English. However, if you plan to go off road, ask for detailed directions as signs may rapidly disappear. Ideally travel in two vehicles.

6. In the rainy season conditions may change rapidly with flash floods a hazard. Check local forecasts before you head off on a Wadi bashing excursion or a long trek through the mountains.

7. Unfortunately, toilet facilities may be basic in some locations. Take supplies along if you plan to visit remote areas or camp.

8. Ask before you photograph local people, particularly women and children.

9. Oman is striving to preserve its ecological and archaeological heritage. Minimize your impact by carrying out what you carry in and donít be tempted to take the odd relic as a souvenir or climb over excavations.

10. Be open to unexpected offers of hospitality and donít be afraid to learn a few Arabic greetings. Any attempt at conversing in Arabic will be greatly appreciated!