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"Painting is the granddaughter of Nature, a relative of God"- Rembrandt -
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"What makes an artist great is not what he depicts, but how faithfully he recreates nature in his art" - Rembrandt -
Pastel drawing lessons
Dear friends,
if you would like to try out the pastel technique, you can purchase these individual tutorials. Academic drawing skills are not required at all! All lessons are suitable for all skill levels. The main thing is to have the materials and your patience. 

Separate lessons come in block with an introductory part on techniques and materials. You get 2 lessons: one on technique and materials and the second  on the painting itself. In my video tutorials, there is a lot of macro shooting to see all the subtleties of the work. Lessons are detailed to explain the technique, procefure and principles as much as possible.

You choose the time of access to the lessons yourself and start studying at your convenience. In each video, I explain step by step what is needed to achieve the result. I give a list of the necessary materials.

So, choose the lesson you like and start drawing right now!

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Drawing lessons in pastels
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Lesson "Sweet Cherry"
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