Painting is the granddaughter of Nature, a relative of God" - Rembrandt -
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Pastel Art Tour
03-12 Dec, 2021
9 nights /10 days

6 Planeairs
Wadis and Desert
Mountains and Sea
Culture and Heritage
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My dear friends, welcome to my world of Arts and Travel!

My name is Valentina. I am a founder of VS Private Tours and work as professional travel guide here in The Middle East.

Oman is my home since 2012 and I fell in love with this amazing country since I put my first step on its land. Beautiful mountains, dramatic wadis, canyons, desert, sea and sands, lots of culture and heritage. But the most important and valuable treasures are people with their great hospitality.
Graduated from Moscow aviation university and working as an instructor-pilot of glider sports in my past, I like an adventure and have many interests: reading books, web designing, listening and playing music, enjoying a round of golf when possible, taking care of my plants and giving a company to my lovely cats.

The Covid-19 pandemia changed the life of many people in our planet including me. Trying to find the way to survive in this country while the tourism industry was almost dead, I started to draw and even try to write. As a result, now my great hobby is drawing. Pastel is my favorite material. I really want to grow in arts, learn from the best masters and happy to share my artist's skills with you.

Another hobby of mine is writing the fairy tales. I imagine it and illustrate by myself.

It is really great idea to combine Arts and Travel. Oman has its all amazing potential. I invite you to this picturesque country and ready to give all my efforts, experience and knowledge at any time in order to make your trip fascinating, informative and remembered for many years.

Hope to see you in Oman soon!
"What makes an artist great is not what he depicts, but how faithfully he recreates nature in his art" - Rembrandt -
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